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Homestead Economics: 19 Ways to Make Money from Your Homestead

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Kayla McVey
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Who doesn’t love extra cash? Especially these days. We’re going to explore different ways that you can make money on your homestead. There are plenty of different options for every kind of homesteader! Some options have very low start up costs while others will need a bit of an investment, whether it be time or money. We’ll start off with some family friendly ways to make money on your homestead. 

Family Friendly Ways to Make Money Homesteading

Keep in mind that when having people, especially families, on your homestead that insurance is always needed. Protect your family and assets before you even consider trying to make money off of your land.

  1. Petting Zoo – we obviously had to start off with the most fun option first. Who doesn’t love funny little animals that make kids laugh? When done in a humane and safe manner, this is a wonderful way to make money. Another option under this umbrella is a drive through petting zoo/exotic farm. There’s one in Alamo, TN that I’ve been to. It’s a joy of a time and you can find all sorts of animals there. The emus do like to try to stick their heads in your car though. 
  2. Pumpkin Patch – a lot of these things can be done together – Sunset Valley Farms in Huron, TN has a pumpkin patch, petting zoo, sunflower field, and a playground. They also have a fun concession stand with great apple cider donuts. This is a huge money maker and an easy way to bring families in. 
  1. U-Pick Berries – More likely to draw in the older crowd but also could be a super cute family activity. When I said that some of these require the investment of time, this is one of those; as is the next suggestion. Berry bushes aren’t growing overnight but once they’re ready for this kind of business, you’ll have a great return on your investment and tasty berries to eat!
  2. Orchard – The perfect date idea, you can rent out the orchard to photographers for sessions, and also sell the apples! Plenty of opportunities to bring in some extra cash.

Homesteading Businesses 

These are more conventional ways of making your homestead a business. They require a more solid foundation of knowledge and will take some time to get going if you don’t have a lot of money to initially invest. 

Nursery or Etsy Store

  1. Nursery – A nursery is a great way to turn profit on your homestead- you can either contract out through a larger business or do the work yourself by selling seeds or getting transplants ready in the spring. We have a local nursery that not only has a pumpkin patch but also has family activities available throughout the year. They also carry feed for domestic animals and livestock. It may take time to accumulate funds to justify carrying feed but even starting by selling seeds on facebook or etsy is a great way to make extra cash. 

Time to Head to Town!

  1. Farmer’s Market – Depending on the size of your local market (start one if there’s not one!), you have the potential to establish a well rounded business or just make extra cash. Some things you can take to a Farmer’s Market are: farm fresh eggs, sourdough pastries/loaves/donuts, crocheted items, homemade soaps, tinctures, herb bundles, seeds, and maybe even animals depending on ordinances. 
  1. Bakery – Start out at the Farmer’s Market and end up with your own Bakery! Save your profit and invest it into buying commercial-scale equipment to mass produce your product. You can sell anything from sourdough to cakes!

Livestock & Timber

  1. Livestock is the most obvious way to make money on your homestead, outside of selling vegetables at a farmer’s market. The even better thing about it is that you have plenty of options to choose from. Most people start with chickens. Selling eggs, primarily. Breeding chickens on a larger scale for meat is a very complicated process but can be done with time and dedication. Cattle give you options of either beef, milk, and with some breeds- both! Turkeys make money for obvious reasons but turkey eggs are also another route to go, assuming you don’t want to sell them for meat. Ducks can be used for meat or eggs; we go into detail about breed options of multiple different animals, on 10 Baby Steps to Take as a Wannabe Homesteader! Sarah also goes into detail about growing feed for your livestock on your homestead here. This may not make you money but it will save and at this point, it’s almost the same thing. 
  1. Timber – Assuming you’ve got ample amounts of land and everything you want built to your heart’s desire, timber is a lucrative way to make money. I personally view it more as a centralized resource that I would prefer to keep my hands on. But, if times became hard and the money was desperately needed, it’s always an option. 

Handmade Goods on the Homestead

  1. Clothing Repair is a more time consuming way to make extra cash or something that can easily turn into a full-time income. Slow fashion is starting to come back around, especially in the homesteading communities. Repairing or even designing will not only keep you busy but can also be a nice break from more physically demanding chores around your homestead. It’s also an art that’s dying very quickly due to fast fashion being so easily accessible. We place a large amount of importance on sustainability and self-sufficiency on The Homesteader’s Chronicle. Clothing repair or even just sewing in general is something I hope to take up soon. I’d love to start making clothes for my own family. You never know what is just around the corner. 
  2. Leather Working is another wonderful and beautiful art – thankfully, it seems to be doing well. Saddle making, boot making, and even just belts and other tools are wonderful skills to acquire that can make you some really big bucks. Good work can take some time to create but once you perfect the skill, you’ll stay super busy. Some of my favorite workers are Wild Caballo Leather (Katie Reinert), Willie Brown Leather, Austin Dixon Custom Leather & Silver (angle_d_leather), and Ranchlands Mercantile also carries a lot of really cool leather products. 

Unconventional Ways to Make Money Homesteading

  1. Selling homesteading art/stock photos is a sort of random way to make money. However, people always want calendars, coffee table books, and art to hang in their home. How else do you think every millennial woman got their hands on the same exact picture of a Highland Cow? I bet you’re looking at it right now, too. Sell your art. 
  1. U-Pick Flower Gardens may take a little time to make you good money if you sell flowers like Peonies and Foxglove. Pick easy to grow flowers and offer flower arrangements that can be picked up at your home or tote them along to the farmer’s market with all of your other goodies.
  1. If you’re a well-established and knowledgeable homesteader, host How-To Workshops! Again, please have good insurance for anything you do on your homestead. I am literally begging you. Some How-To Workshop examples are: Chickens 101, Pigs 101, Cattle 101, Gardening Basics, How to Make Beef Tallow, How to Skin a Rabbit, How to Properly Dress Poultry (Chicken, Ducks, and Turkeys), and How to Make Elderberry Syrup.

Homestead Venues that Bring in Revenue

Bed and Breakfast

  1. Bed and Breakfast/AirBNB – Imagine how fun staying at a Bed and Breakfast on a cozy little homestead would be? Especially for someone that isn’t used to that lifestyle. It could include a tour and some wonderful home cooked meals that would assuredly bring people back. Maybe a guided horseback ride, if you have horses. Or a picnic in the flower garden? If you’re already doing this, please send me pictures so I can live vicariously through you. I’m heavily day-dreaming right now.

Event Hosting

  1. Supper Club – This one may be something you’ve never heard of before. I hadn’t until a friend started hosting them in the next town over. Her name is Cindy and she hosts the Heirloom Supper Club (she also caters and hosts weddings/events… if you’re in West TN, you should check her out!). It’s a three course meal that is served outside on these beautifully decorated tables and overlooks a lovely field that hosts wonderful sunsets. Farm to Table ingredients and she hosts multiple times a year.  I couldn’t imagine a more fun time. 
  2. Weddings bring in loads of cash but they also bring in loads of liability. As a wedding photographer, I would scream out of utter joy if I was booked for a homestead wedding. This is totally adaptable to your specific homestead, assuming you have the resources and space to do it well. You could host in an orchard under a nice old tree, in a small scale vineyard, flower garden, by a pond, etc. The options are simply endless. 
  1. Small Batch Winery – Again, it would take time to get established but this would make the perfect venue and gives you the ability to sell your own wine. Tastings, Paint and Sip at the Homestead, tours of the facility, and micro weddings are all options here. 

Last but not least – Social Media on the Homestead

  1. Social Media – womp, womp. The big scary monster – to me, at least. Following trends is a very easy way to gain a following. Sarah’s content has literally exploded in the last year. It’s wildly impressive. Granted, she lives on a beautiful mountain and has one of the prettiest houses I’ve seen but you can do just the same. Not everything is perfect all the time. Just as I live in a cute little rental with a big ol’ yard, I could be doing a lot more with my space and content creation. Homesteading takes time and preparation. Inspiration can be drawn from people like Sarah and sometimes it manifests in something as simple as growing peppers on your back porch. It may be all you have time for and that’s okay! Slowly documenting your homestead from the start is a great way to get a following. You’re slowly telling a story and once it’s monetized, the money made can go into furthering your plans. Social Media isn’t necessary to homestead but the money to be made can be such a huge help. 

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