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5 Reasons to Raise Chickens on Your Homestead

Kayla McVey
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Who doesn’t love chickens? They’re funny little critters that keep your yard clean, create fertilizer for your garden, and they keep the bugs down. It doesn’t get much better than that. With spring here and summer not too far behind, I’d dare say you’ve been eyeing the troughs at tractor supply full of sweet, little chicks. Here’s 5 reasons to raise chickens…  like you needed the justification. 

1. Non-Toxic Pest Control

Chickens are a wonderful, non-toxic source of pest control. Chickens can eat up to 2 pounds of bugs today. Ticks are really bad in the southeast and the mosquitos here could likely carry off a small child. So, any help deterring that is very much welcomed. 

Chickens and ducks

2. Food Independence 

Knowing where your food comes from is extremely liberating. Having the ability to go to your backyard and have meat or eggs at your disposal is a huge step in gaining independence. Chickens are a wonderful way to ease into that. There are plenty other feathered friends that you can acquire as well!

3. Chickens are fun to have around.

Chickens are fun backyard pets to have around. They’re relatively cheap to raise – we go into detail about that in Chickens: The Ultimate Guide. They love enrichment activities, scavenging for bugs, and are generally just interesting creatures that are very curious. If you start working with them as chicks, you’ll have a friend for life!

4. Sustainability 

Chickens are a great way to live more sustainably. They create fertilizer for your garden and eat waste – disregarding the food they create. Having chickens at home gives you the opportunity to eat healthier, more fresh chicken and eggs. Reduces the need for factory farms and is all around a more fulfilling experience than picking up a carton of eggs off the shelf.

baby chickens

5. Chickens are a low maintenance responsibility for your children. 

Kids love to help and what better way to feel needed than by getting to help mommy and daddy collect eggs every day?  Chickens are a daily responsibility that gives you the opportunity to connect with your kids. Chickens give you the opportunity to teach your children about the circle of life. They also will love getting to connect with the animals along with spending time with you.

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